Prepare your Kit and Face

Getting the best shave of your life starts before you pick up your razor.  There are a few things that you need to do to get started:

Soak your brush in hot water!


Water is an essential part of your shaving experience and you’ll want to make sure your brush is saturated with as much water as possible.  Before you get started prepping your face, you’ll want to put your brush in a bowl of hot water.

Wash Your Face


The best option would be to take a nice steamy shower before shaving. Washing your face with warm water opens up all your pores, hydrates your face, and most importantly, softens your stubble to get it ready to be shaved. If you can’t take a shower before your shave, you should at least wash your face with warm water for 30-60 seconds before getting started. Another option is to soak a white cotton towel in hot water, and apply the towel to your face and neck for a couple of minutes, sort of like an old-fashioned barber would.

Apply Pre-Shave Oil or Cream


The pre-shave oil is optional, and there are varying schools of thought whether or not you need to take this step.  If you have a pre-shave oil, now is the time to apply it to your beard.  You’ll want to use a very small amount, 6-7 drops of pre-shave oil should do the trick. If you use too much oil, it will make it difficult to apply a lather to your face.

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