Caring for your Shaving Kit

My youngest memory of shaving is standing on a stool next to my grandfather while he shaved.  I got his excess lather, and of course my razor didn’t have a blade. When I inherited my grandfather’s safety razor and shaving brush, that memory came back to me.  I’d been shaving with a cartridge razor for years, and I decided to give shaving like grandpa a try.  I never bought another replacement cartridge.

Caring for your Razor

Double Edge Razors from the early 1900’s are still in use today, and yours can last just as long.


Ongoing Care:

  • Rinse with warm water after each use
  • Remove blade and clean excess soap weekly

To remove excess soap scum off a razor, scrub with an old tooth brush using baking soda or tooth paste.  Use vinegar or disinfectant spray to sanitize and disinfect.

Loading a Razor Blade

Loading a Blade – Twist to Open

  • Turn the knob on the bottom of the razor to open the head of the razor
  • Unwrap the razor blade taking care to touch only the short edges
  • Place the razor blade into the head length wise
  • Turn the knob on the bottom of the razor the opposite direction to close the razor
  • Be sure the razor is closed tightly to avoid the blade moving while shaving

Loading a Blade – 3 Piece

  • Unscrew the head from the handle
  • Align the holes on the blade with the posts on the head
  • fit the comb to to the head, with the razor blade in-between
  • screw the handle to the head, finger tight

Caring for your Shave Brush

A shave brush will last for many years with proper care:


Ongoing Care:

  • Store on a brush stand with the bristles hanging downward in an area with good air flow
  • Avoid placing it in a medicine cabinet or drawer
  • After each use rinse with warm water
  • Squeeze excess water out after rinsing
  • Never pull bristles away from handle
  • Never press the brush straight downward into the bristles – This can break the bristles, causing shedding.

Break-In A New Shave Brush

First Use

Your new brush may have an unpleasant odor or shed a small amount of hair. This is a normal part of the manufacturing process.  To prepare your brush for use, please complete the following steps:


  • Wash your brush with a shampoo made for human hair
  • Soak the brush in warm water with a small amount of shampoo
  • Rinse the brush, and build a lather using your favorite shave soap or cream
  • Without rinsing the lather off your brush, let your brush dry overnight
  • Soak your brush in warm water, and rinse before the first use

You may need to repeat these steps a couple of times to remove all of the badger scent from your brush.

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