7 Compelling Reasons You Should Start Shaving with a Safety Razor & Brush

Shaving with a Safety Razor & Brush, also called Wet Shaving, is making a huge comeback.  Men are discovering that the new way of shaving with a multi-bladed monstrosity isn’t better than the old way, in fact, it’s worse.

What is Wet Shaving

Wet shaving is the art of shaving with traditional tools like a shaving brush, and a single blade razor like a Double Edge Safety Razor.  The process is pretty simple, really.  You use a brush to create lather that doesn’t come from a can full of chemicals.  You lather up your face and shave the hair off with your razor.  Afterward, you use an aftershave that leaves you with a fresh clean feel and smell.


Why you should convert


1. Shave for $1 a MONTH!

All of the other reasons are GREAT, but this one tends to be the one that people latch onto most when starting.  Safety Razor Blades cost about 11 cents each and they last 4-6 Shaves!  That means you can shave for less than $1 a month.  That’s the REAL Dollar Shave.  In case you think this is too good to be true, and there must be a down-side, keep reading!


2. Get A Barber Shop Quality Shave

If you suffer from sensitive skin and can only shave every few days or you get razor burn and ingrown hairs, wet shaving is for you.  The process of preparing your face and shaving with a single bladed razor is far superior to any multi-bladed cartridge and chemically-created goo from a can.

Face Prep & After Care

Scraping your face with a piece of sharpened metal, no matter how high quality the metal, damages your skin.  The process of wet shaving was perfected over back when men went for a shave from a professional barbers who wielded a straight razor.  The process is designed to prepare your face and minimize irritation, and to repair your skin afterwards.

Shaving with a Single Blade Razor

You’ve probably seen the commercial.  The multi-blade cartridges advertise it as it if were a good thing.  The first blade lifts your hair, the second blade cuts it off.  The problem with that is that the hair has elasticity.  When you stretch it out and cut it off, it bounces back, below the skin.  That gives you a super smooth shave, but the price is ingrown hairs when that hair has to fight its way through the skin again.

Shaving with a single blade razor cuts your hair off even with the skin, for a smooth shave, but less irritation and lowered risk of ingrown hairs.  Men with particularly course or curly beards really appreciate this.

3. It’s a Link to the Past

This is going to get a little sentimental.  Every time I pick up a safety razor I remember my Grandfather.  Today’s cartridge razors require zero skill or care.  You just pick them up, scrape your face, and then throw them away.  Every few days I pick up the razor my grandpa used to shave with in the 50’s, and use it.  He taught me to shave.  It was a skill that he transferred to me, and I appreciate honoring him.

Shaving with a Safety Razor is a skill that you can learn, use, and pass to the next generation.  Sure, this isn’t a reason in of itself, but it sure does feel good.

4. Save the Environment

Plastic isn’t good for the environment.  In a few billion years, it may still be there sitting in a dump.  You don’t have to be an environmental fanatic to understand that our disposable culture isn’t a good thing.  You can make small changes that make a difference

used cartridges


Safety razor blades are easily recycled.  I made a blade bank out of an empty tin can.  When it’s full, i’ll throw it in with the rest of the recycling.  It doesn’t take up space in a landfill, and it’s reuseable.  There’s no plastic that can’t be separated from the blades easily.

Shaving Creams

When you use a shaving cream from a tub, there’s a few benefits for the environment.  The first is that your not washing a bunch of chemicals down the drain every day.  You’re also not using any aerosol propellants that go into the air, and you sure do save a lot of metal from the cans.  Shaving creams and soaps in a tub that’s easily recycled typically have few ingredients, and most don’t include any ingredients that aren’t found in nature.

5. Military Men Prefer Shaving with a Safety Razor

One of the things that you’ll notice is how many members of our Armed Forces are part of the wet shave community.  When you ask them why, it really makes sense.  Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen (in no particular order!) are required to shave daily as part of their appearance guidelines.  This means that they have to use the very best.  They can’t skip a day because of irritation.  So it should come as no surprise after reading the previous reasons listed that they choose wet shaving.

√  Less Irritaion

√  Soothing Process That Minimizes Damage

√  Super Smooth Shave

√  A small luxury that can be enjoyed no matter where you are

√  Part of a rich tradition

6. Shaving Shouldn’t be a Chore

Shaving is an art.  You have to do it frequently, why not enjoy it?  Your shave can transform into a luxury ritual you enjoy every day.  It’s time just for you.  You take your time to prepare your skin with a hot towel that feels amazing.  You work yourself into a sort of zen-like trance while whipping a solid soap into a frothy beautiful yogurt like lather.  You use a skill that you’re always working to perfect using your razor to get that elusive baby-bottom-smooth shave.  You inspect your work after your’e done and you feel like you’ve accomplished something.

7. It’s Not as Hard as You Think

It’s intimidating.  You’re probably going to get a few nicks and cuts.  The community doesn’t make it easy using terminology like “weepers” for small cuts.  Like most things that are worth doing, it’ll take a little work.

Wet shaving definitely looks more intimidating than it actually is.  Those nicks and cuts, maybe a weeper or two? You won’t feel it.  You probably won’t even notice it until your rinsing your face off.  After 2 or 3 shaves, you’ll feel like a professional.  You’ll want to open a barber shop and just sell shaves all day, like Floyd from Andy Griffith.

Here’s what you need to get started shaving with a safety razor:

  1. Safety Razor & Blades

  2. Shave Brush

  3. Razor and Brush Stand (take care of your tools!)

  4. Shaving Cream

We sell a kit on Amazon that includes everything but the shave cream.  For a short time, you can get the kit for less than $25.  It regularly sells for $44.97.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get started wet shaving at an amazing price.

You can also get your shaving cream on Amazon, we recommend Taylor of Old Bond Street

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